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Derek Walcott

Love After Love

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 1976

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Sea Grapes” by Derek Walcott (1986)

This poem illustrates Walcott’s use of language and imagery. Published in the same collection as “Love After Love,” “Sea Grapes” is a good companion piece to consider reading in order to develop a thorough understanding of Walcott’s poetic focus. “Sea Grapes” highlights Walcott’s appreciation for the classics and island culture. Walcott’s highly celebrated Omeros, a book-length epic poem, is too long to be provided in this guide, but “Sea Grapes” speaks to some of the same themes and focuses. Based loosely upon Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad, Omeros also delves deeply into the culture of Walcott’s home, Saint Lucia.

A Far Cry from Africa” by Derek Walcott (2007)

“A Far Cry from Africa” may rival “Love After Love” and Omeros as Walcott’s most famous poem. The piece deals with a topic far removed from that of “Love After Love,” but the poem is an important read for anyone wanting to get a sense for Walcott’s later poetry.

The Fist” by Derek Walcott (1986)

Also published in his 1986 collection, Walcott’s “The Fist” attends to the same matters as “Love After Love,” though from a very different angle.