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Jacqueline Woodson

Harbor Me

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2018

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Important Quotes

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"Once there were six of us. Once we circled around each other, and listened. Or maybe what matters most is that we were heard."

(Chapter 1, Page 3)

Reflecting back on the school year she spent with her ARTT classmates, Haley recalls their small, tight-knit group. Haley references the idea that the group created a cohesive, supportive group that listened to each other and found strength in numbers. At the same time, Haley implies that the opportunity for each group member to tell their story was just as important because it meant they could grow individually. 

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"We think they took my papi. Nobody knows where he's at."

(Chapter 2, Pages 7-8)

When Esteban reveals that his father is missing and has probably been taken by immigration officials, he does so directly and plainly. He demonstrates bravery through his vulnerability. This act ignites the ARTT’s discussions and inspires Esteban’s classmates to share their stories throughout the school year. 

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"This is your time. Your world. Your room."

(Chapter 5, Page 17)

Ms. Laverne places great trust in the students of the ARTT room by allowing them to have an unsupervised hour each Friday afternoon. The opportunity she creates for them is presented as a gift, something that now belongs to the ARTT group. However, the use of “your” in this passage can be read as a pronoun that is both singular and collective: The opportunity belongs to the group but also to each individual.