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Jessica Goudeau

After the Last Border:Two Families and the Story of Refuge in America

Nonfiction | Biography | Adult | Published in 2020

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Part 3, Chapter 27-AfterwordChapter Summaries & Analyses

Part 3, Chapter 27 Summary: “Hasna: Austin, Texas, USA, October-November 2016”

After six weeks in the US, Hasna got a job as a hairdresser’s assistant at a high-end salon. Natheir helped to get her the job. Even with wages from this job and the refugee stipend, she was barely able to pay the rent. The bus rides to work were very long, almost two hours each way. Since Hasna did not have certification to work as a hairdresser, she was soon let go and found work downtown cleaning hotel rooms. The hours were long and the family continued to rely on members of the community to supplement their income.

Rana started school. Jebreel, who was disabled and older, retreated into himself. Hasna, in contrast, was out working and wanted to learn English. Khassem and his wife were expecting their second child and Yusef and Laila were applying for refugee status in Turkey, where there was much hostility toward Syrians. An immigration attorney assured Hasna and Jebreel that their children would receive priority in resettlement, given the policy of family reunification.