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Wendy Mass

A Mango-Shaped Space

Fiction | Novel | Middle Grade | Published in 2003

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Chapters 10-12Chapter Summaries & Analyses

Chapter 10 Summary

Mia arrives at Jenna’s house. Jenna’s father is making pancakes and there is a woman at the table whom Mia does not recognize. Jenna introduces the woman as Rebecca, her father’s “friend.” Jenna eats her pancakes very fast and then leaves the room with Mia. Mia tells Jenna that she was being rude, but Jenna says that Rebecca should not be there because “Sundays are supposed to be family time” (149). She does not like her dad’s new girlfriend. Mia is surprised that Jenna did not tell her about Rebecca for several weeks; Jenna was hoping that the relationship would end.

In her room, Jenna asks Mia what has been going on with her and why she is “in [her] own world most of the time” (149). Mia tells Jenna about everything that she has been learning about synesthesia. Jenna is upset that the synesthesia meeting is happening on the same day as her birthday party, but Mia promises that it will be over in the afternoon and that she will arrive in time to help Jenna to set up for the party. Mia works on her history homework at Jenna’s house. While she works, Jenna and her father have a fight about Rebecca.